Lifeweb Censorship

This page exists to clarify who and what LifeWeb censors. Censorship isn't cool, and will only be performed under very limited circumstances.

As a rough policy, only the following content will be censored:

  • Spam
  • QOL Disrupting Behavior
  • Content illegal in the USA
  • Posts containing scams, malware, botnet activity, or phishing.
  • Advertising-only accounts
  • Deactivated users

  • - Advertising
  • - Advertising
  • - Advertising
  • - Spamming
  • Misc user moderation

  • - Forced NSFW content
  • Quarantined instances

    These are instances that doesn't respect follower-only or direct messages. Messages that are set as follower-only or direct messages are not federated to these instances to preserve user privacy. Public messages are still federated to these instances.

  • Deactivated instances

    None to date.

    Banned IP addresses

    None to date.